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Microsoft OneDrive is a great product for online storage and sharing files with your coworkers. If you have not heard of OneDrive before it is very similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. While each of those storage solutions offer a small amount of free storage, as employees of Oklahoma State University, we have one Terabyte of storage space available with OneDrive. This make OneDrive a great asset for us to have at our

1. How do I access OneDrive?

OneDrive is included with Office 365 and can be accessed the same way you access your Okstate email. Simply login to your email at using your Okey credentials. Then click on the menu button at the top left of the screen or click on the Office 365 button and finally choose OneDrive from the options and it will open your OneDrive account.

2. Is there an easy way to access OneDrive files on my computer?office-365-header

Yes, there is an easy way to access your files from your computer. When your OneDrive account is open, choose the Sync button from the top menu. This will try to connect to OneDrive, which is already installed on your computer. It will open a syncing-filesmessage stating that it is “getting ready to sync.” If it does not automatically connect, then I would suggest downloading the newest version of OneDrive via the popup (shown to the right.) Once OneDrive is installed, login to the work account using your Okey credentials. OneDrive should be included in your Explorer shortcuts. *

3. How do I share files with others?

You can easily share your files with your coworkers from your OneDrive folder either ononedrive-sharing your computer or in your Office 365 account. Simply right click on the folder or file you would like to share and choose share. Then type in the persons email address you would like to share the file with, include an optional message and click send. Alternatively, you can copy a link to the file or use Outlook to send the link. At this time, we are limited to only sharing files with current OSU employees through OneDrive.

4. How do I see a folder that was shared with me on my desktop computer app?

OneDrive does not sync folders that are shared with you to your desktop computer. However, there is a way to get them to sync. Open your OneDrive through Office 365 and then open the folder that is shared with you. Choose the Sync button from the top of the screen and then simply choose what all you would like to be synced to your computer.
At this time you cannot sync individual files to your desktop client.

OneDrive is a great resource that we get free with Office 365. If you have any questions or any problems with OneDrive please contact your DASNR IT Support Specialist.


* If you are using OneDrive for Business, you will want to download the newer version of OneDrive.

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