QR Codes: What are they, what are they good for, and how do you use them?

Even if you do not use QR codes on a regular basis, you have probably seen one over the past few years. Once considered a dead technology, QR codes made a huge comeback during the Covid pandemic.

QR Code to Wikipedia information

QR codes are square images that allow a smartphone or other device with a camera to open a webpage without typing in the full website address. An easy way to think about QR codes is that they are a more advanced version of a bar code that most stores use. This makes them extremely useful when needing to direct people to a website from a page, flyer, brochure, or even a presentation without needing them to type in a full website address.

While QR codes can be a huge time saver, not everyone knows how to use them. When using them on printed materials, it is a good idea to include directions. The following is an easy example of directions you could include.

How to use the QR code above. On your smartphone, open the camera app and position the QR code in the photo without taking a photo. After a few seconds, a window should open and ask if you would like to open a website. Click on the included link to open the website.

Directions for creating QR codes can be found on our website. (OSU login required.) The directions are also included below.