Opening EPUB files on a mobile device

Application Developers in DASNR IT are actively working with State Specialists to produce “pocket guides” – booklet forms of decision support systems – in EPUB formats. These formats can be opened and viewed on mobile devices similar to a book. This blog post provides information on how to open the EPUB file on both the iOS and Android device.

Open EPUB files in iPhone/iPad:

1. Download Apple Books from AppStore

2. Open the link (Ex: to reach the ePub document.

3. Click on ePub file

4. When asked: “Do you want to download ‘filename. Pub’?”, click the “Download” button

5. In the upper right, download appears as:

Click on it and it will open the book in the Apple Books app and be added to your books collection. When you next open the ePub document from the iBooks app on your iPad, this app will be used.

Open EPUB files on Android using Google Play Books

Download the Google Play Books app on your Android device, if already not already installed. The Play Books app allows you to open EPUB files and read all your favorite books with ease. Google Play Store has an easy to browse books section that lets you download all the e-books that you want. You can also upload you own eBooks from anywhere using the Google Play Books website. It is easy and allows you to read all your eBooks on your phone using the app. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, then we recommend that you head over to the Play Store and download the Google Play Books app on your phone.

1. Install Google Play Books app (if not installed by default)

2. Open the link in browser to reach the ePub document.

3. Click on ePub Document and it will download the document.

4. After Download a Dialog appears “By uploading your file to Play Books, you can read it anytime, anywhere. Uploading may take a few minutes”, just click “GOT IT”

5. It will ask the permission “Allow Google Play Books to access photos, media and files on your device?”, Press “ALLOW” button.

6. The downloaded ePub document will appear in “Your books” category in Library of Play Books.