Windows 10 update 1903

Microsoft is slowing rolling out a new feature update that will be coming to all Windows 10 computers. This specific update, feature update 1903, will be upgrading the operating system (OS) of computers to fix security vulnerabilities as well as to bring new features to Windows 10. The following are a few of the updates that are coming with this feature update.

New Desktop background and light theme

One of the most obvious changes in the new feature update is the default background. The last several feature updates from Microsoft, the default background has remained the same. However, with the new update, the background is changing to a new brighter and lighter image. There is also a new Windows (light) Theme for the start menu and task bar. This in combination with the lighter background can be a little shocking. However, the basic functionality of the start menu and taskbar are remaining the same.

Spectre fix resulting in speed improvements.

The 1903 feature update has several patches that fix, or to be exact provide better fixes, for the Spectre vulnerability. The fixes will replace the older patches that slowed down many systems. There are also several other improvements in the update that should help create speed improvements.

7GB of storage reserved for updates

A problem that many users have experienced is not having enough memory to install new updates. To remedy this, Windows now reserves 7GB of space for upcoming updates. This could be an issue if you are currently running out of storage space. However, it will help ensure you are receiving security updates.

These are just a few of the new updates coming with the Windows 10 1903 feature update. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Support Specialist.