Adding Forms To Your Website Using Plone Forms and Office 365 Forms

Forms allow your website visitors to submit request for more information, provide feedback or register for an event. Web forms may be simple, for example to allow your visitor to contact you and provide information about a relevant topic or ask a question about an important subject. Web forms may be have a number of form fields such as an event registration form.

In general, best practices for designing a web form are:

  • Keep the form simple. Only ask pertinent information and make clear your expectations in asking for information.
  • Use examples with your forms to demonstrate the type of data your form requires. If possible, use default values.
  • Highlight required fields.
  • Offer clear instructions on the form page and provide clear feedback after the user has submitted the form.
  • When possible use your form to engage with the visitor by providing meaningful responses.

DASNR IT has provided instructional documents to assist DASNR personnel in creating forms for their websites. We have a number of units using forms and encourage all website maintainers to explore this functionality. Feel free to provide feedback using the form at the website or contact a member of DASNR IT!