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In June’s Cooperative Conversation, I covered different tips and tricks for working with Windows devices. These shortcuts can be very useful when working on documents or files on your computer. Here are a few of the most common shortcuts that I use.

Windows shortcuts:

Cut — Control + X: This will cut any highlighted information onto the windows clipboard* for future use.

Copy – Control + C: This will copy any highlighted information onto the windows clipboard for future use.

Paste – Control + V: This will paste any information that you have previously copied or cut to the windows clipboard.

Undo – Control + Z: This will undo your previous actions. This not only works with documents, but also with deleted or moved items from folders or your desktop. (However, if the deleted items have been removed from the recycle bin this will not work.)

Snap assist – Windows button + arrows: This snaps or aligns your windows in your monitor.  (^ maximizes window, < moves windows to left half of screen, > moves window to right half of Screen, v minimizes the window.)

Lock computer – Windows button + L: this locks the computer and requires a password to sign in when you have a password setup on your computer. (If no password is set, it will still show the login screen without requiring a password to login.)

Project – Windows button and P: This opens the project window, which lets you choose between PC screen only, Duplicate, Extend or Projector only.

If you would like more information on these or other Windows tips and tricks, please watch the recording of the Cooperative Conversation. If you have any questions, please contact your support specialist.


*Windows clipboard is a temporary holding space where cut and copied materials are stored until they are pasted into a document.

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