Zoom: using a second camera for document/activity feed

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Have you ever needed to share live video in Zoom that is not your current webcam? Whether you are needing to use this as a document camera, an activity camera, or a demonstration camera, Zoom has a built-in screen share feature that allows you to do just that.

Before you can start using this feature you will need to have a second camera attached to your computer. While more powerful cameras will give a clearer image, this feature does not require anything more powerful than a standard webcam. Also, there is no setup required other than camera placement.

To start using this feature, attach both cameras to your computer and start your Zoom session. Then make sure that your default camera is correct. It should be facing you with the secondary camera facing the item/activity/people to be shared. Click the Share Screen button in the Zoom Menu. After it opens, select the Advanced share menu option at the top of the window. Select the Content from 2nd Camera option and click the share button. (displayed below.)

Advanced sharing options from Zoom session.

This will share the second camera as the main content item and show a small set of speaker windows in the top right of the screen. The attendees will be able to watch the speaker while they are speaking and see the display of the 2nd camera at the same time. (example below.)

Video feed from 2nd camera while in Zoom session

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