Windows 10 now has ads in File Explorer, and this is how to remove them.

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Recently Microsoft has decided to start embedding ads into File Explorer. Not Internet Explorer, but File Explorer. When you open up a folder like My Documents or My Computer you can now have an ad placed at the top of the window. I have seen this recently myself and the internet is buzzing about it. Unfortunately it is automatically enabled by default, but luckily you can disable it.

  1. Launch File Explorer
  2. Click the View Tab and select Options
  3. Under Folder Options, click the View tab
  4. In the Advanced Settings window scroll down to the bottom.
  5. Somewhere close to the bottom you should see “Show sync provider notifications”. You will want to uncheck this box.
  6. Click Apply then OK.


So far this should disable ads from inside File Explorer. This is very new and only been happening for a few days. It seems to run ads for products you may already be using, but they offer a “Pro” version at a cost. Just be careful of these, because there has not been a lot of detail about what the ads may contain. It could possibly make it where you think you may need to update your software when you do not need to.


-Mike Rasmussen

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