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Big Changes to OTC Antibiotics after June 11th

This week Dana speaks with Dr. Barry Whitworth about how over the counter antibiotics are not going to be available after June 11th, 2023. After this time, all antibiotics will require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Producers who haven’t consistently used a veterinarian in the past will need to establish a working relationship with [ Read More ]

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Choosing a Wheat Variety

This week Josh gets the hot seat by giving us the low-down on wheat variety selection. So many factors go into the selection of a wheat variety that works best for each operation. Soil pH, planting date, first hollow stem, soil temperature are all discussed, along with the aspects of graze out, dual purpose and [ Read More ]

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Double Crop Talk: Weed Control and Grazing

This week your hosts discuss weed control in double crops. Herbicide selection and management were the main topics with some tips about application in hot conditions. How does stress play a role the effectiveness of a herbicide? What is the value of these crops as forage? What are the implications of grazing a crop that [ Read More ]

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