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End of Life (EOL) Are You Safe?

We all know about our software always wanting to install updates. Windows, Office, Adobe, Zoom, and just about any other software we install. At some point your software wants you to install, buy, download, or do an upgrade to a new version. This usually means the previous software versions will no longer be supported, End of Life (EOL). Now, [ Read More ]

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Best Practices For Hosting a Hybrid Meeting

During this pandemic, in-person and face-to-face meetings can be especially challenging to host and it can be difficult to generate participation. Online meetings have become more accepted and hosting these meetings has become less challenging (hopefully), but still not without potential pitfalls. “Hybrid meetings,” with participants both in person and at a distance, may be [ Read More ]

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Online Meeting and Webinar Best Practices

Using web-based technology to hold meetings, distribute information, and deliver presentations can free up time and energy otherwise spent on traveling. However, online events require planning to minimize the possibility of problems and to meet the expectations of both the presenter and the attendee. This article will provide guidance for using Zoom as a DASNR [ Read More ]

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