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What to do about armadillos, squirrels, snakes and other creatures…

This week, Dana speaks with Dr. Dwayne Elmore about controlling nuisance wildlife. This is a fun episode where we discuss deer, armadillo, squirrels, prairie dogs, gophers, and moles and how we can manage, tolerate, and/or control them across the landscape. Resources: Managing Deer Damage to Crop Fields in Oklahoman (link) Reducing Deer Damage in Horticulture [ Read More ]

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Spring Prep for Deer Season

This week, Dana joins Dr. Dwayne Elmore for a discussion on the spring and summer preparations hunters and landowners can do to prepare for fall hunting season. OSU Factsheet – Quality Deer Management in Oklahoma OSU Factsheet – Reducing Mortality of Grassland Wildlife During Haying and Wheat Harvesting Operations OSU Factsheet – White-tailed deer Habitat [ Read More ]

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