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Digital Signage – Part 3 Vendors

In Part 1 we investigated the various uses and applications of digital signs. In  Part 2 we looked at the planning for implementation of a signage system. Like most technologies out there, there are a lot of vendors from which we can choose. Each offers a variety of features and their solutions vary in cost.  In part [ Read More ]

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Digital Signage – Part 2 Planning

Digital Signage – Part 2 Planning In part 1 I talked provided an overview of digital signage, beginning with a simple definition and some examples. In this post I will be discussing some of  the key points  of the system in an effort to help with your initial planning.

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Digital Signage – Part 1 Overview

Digital Signage – Part 1 Overview A few years ago the Student Technology Fee Committee of the College of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources agreed to install five digital signage kiosks throughout buildings that housed our academic departmental faculty, staff, and students. The expectation was that these kiosks would provide information about the college and [ Read More ]

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