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Using Social Media Safely

It is easy to ignore cyber security, to not take proactive steps and to think “That won’t happen to me.” Many people, however, have learned – after their accounts have been breached, data compromised and, even worse, their identity stolen – it is much easier to take steps to protect yourself before something happens than [ Read More ]

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Congress repeals FCC privacy rules, but what does it mean for me?

Last month the US Congress passed legislation, subsequently signed into law by the president, that repeals rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last October. But what has changed? Why is there outrage about this new privacy bill?! Why should I care? In October 2016 the FCC adopted rules regarding Internet Service Providers (ISPs) [ Read More ]

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I posted to Facebook and you would never guess what happened next.

Most of us have some type of social media account, be it Facebook, Pintrest, Snapchat, or whatever the newest social media craze is. Social media has changed how we interact and get information. You can “like” a news outlet page, “befriend” a celebrity, or even “follow” a fictional character. Social media has become a way [ Read More ]

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