Syncing Shared OneDrive Folders to Your Computer

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Syncing the Folder Shared to You

You will have received an email from the person that shared a folder from their OneDrive. Click the Open button from the email and sign-in to OneDrive. Alternatively, you can access OneDrive through as well.

Once in OneDrive, click the Shared option in the left navigation menu. Find the folder you wish to sync and click the name of the folder to open it.

You should now have new options along the top ribbon. To sync this folder to your computer, click the Sync option on the top ribbon, which will then prompt you to open OneDrive. Depending on the web browser you are using this may look different, but the key is to allow the browser to open OneDrive for you. You may be prompted to sign-in to OneDrive. Be sure to use your OKEY email address and password to access your Company or School account.

Accessing the Synced Shared Folder

Unless you have disabled certain notifications in Windows 10, you should receive a notification from OneDrive that you are now syncing the shared folder. You can click that notification to bring you to where the folder is stored on the computer.

Otherwise, you can click the Manila Folder Icon on your Taskbar to open your File Explorer. From there, you can access all synced shared OneDrive folders by clicking the new button in the left navigation menu.

Creating a Shortcut to a Synced Shared Folder

Once you have synced a shared OneDrive folder to your computer, placing a shortcut on your Desktop to that folder is relatively easy. Make sure you have the folder open in your File Explorer, then Right-Click the folder, highlight Send To, and choose the option for Desktop (Create Shortcut). Voila! Now you can access that shared OneDrive folder using the newly created shortcut on your Desktop!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your designated Technology Support Specialist.

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