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Congress repeals FCC privacy rules, but what does it mean for me?

Last month the US Congress passed legislation, subsequently signed into law by the president, that repeals rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last October. But what has changed? Why is there outrage about this new privacy bill?! Why should I care? In October 2016 the FCC adopted rules regarding Internet Service Providers (ISPs) [ Read More ]

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Avoiding Tech Support Scammers – The Latest in Phishing Scams

Avoiding Tech Support Scammers – The Latest in Phishing Scams Scammers do not just send fraudulent emails. They might try to call you on the phone and claim to be from Microsoft or any other legitimate business. They might also setup websites with persistent pop-ups to get you to call a number to fix the [ Read More ]

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Facebook, Faces and Lawsuits: A Cautionary Tale

“Well we all have a face That we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves When everyone has gone” –Billy Joel                 It appears that even if we hide our secret faces away, Facebook knows about them – and is getting sued for it. For several years now, Facebook has used [ Read More ]

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