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Over the last few years, webinars seem to have taken over as a favorite communication method. Whether using Zoom, Adobe Connect, or even Skype for Business, having good technology will help ensure these sessions run smoothly and you have the best experience possible! Here are a few great webinar tech options.

The first and most important items are microphones and speakers. We recommend combining this into a headset with mic so you can focus on connecting one device instead of two. A great headset option, and one that I use, is the Logitech USB Headset. This headset connects to your computer via your USB port. It is comfortable to wear and set up is easy with plug and play installation. They are also affordable at around $30 a set.


We1bcams are also useful to have especially in Zoom web meetings. There are many great webcams on the market to choose from. According to Wirecutter.com, a popular website for rating technology tools, the Logitech HD C920 is the best option for your money. It has excellent screen resolution, built in mic, automatic noise reduction, and fast autofocus. This webcam will cost about $100 (sales have been found putting this webcam in the $75 range, so don’t rule it out until you price check this one!)


If $100 is too high, the Logitech C615 ($70) and C525 ($60) are also great webcam options. While you do sacrifice some quality of picture with these models, they both have the same plug and play ease as the C920. The C615 is also a great portable option as the clip stand folds around the camera and protects the lens during travel.


For offices with conference rooms that may host a web meeting from time to time, the Logitech BCC950 conference camera is a great option. 3It has an adjustable webcam (an extender comes with the product), built in speakerphone, and built in microphone. While a little pricey, at $250, the attendees will be able to communicate clearly with the presenters while providing a clear picture of the room where they are.

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