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Welcome to all new and returning CASNR students!

We decided to hold a solar eclipse to celebrate your arrival in Stillwater. We don’t do anything simple and plain here – we have America’s Brightest Orange, America’s Greatest Homecoming and America’s Healthiest Campus. It’s only fitting we would turn out the lights at midday to shine the spotlight on each and every one of you.

Stephen Lowry of Plano, Texas

Stephen Lowry of Plano, Texas

We’re honored you chose to come to Oklahoma State University. Whether you’re a new freshman, transfer student or a returning student, we welcome you to campus, and we hope you feel that welcome in the friendly greetings from faculty and staff and fellow students across campus.

Some people say university campuses are unrealistic utopias that don’t match the real world. I think of them as models for how the world REALLY works and how people aspire to live. This is a place where we honor everyone – whatever unique cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious or political background you bring, we welcome you here.

We foster that sense of openness and respect in our classes and student activities. We’re proud that we attract students from every county of Oklahoma, nearly every state of the USA and more than 100 countries to campus. We’re proud we share this state with 39 federally recognized tribes of Native Americans, and that many of them are represented in our student body. We’re as proud of the string of national diversity awards that OSU has received as we are the string of NCAA championships in wrestling, golf, baseball, cross country and even football.

We want to affirm that you belong here. In that spirit, OSU released a welcome video last week that focuses on our international students, but really applies to each and every student on campus.

Be sure to shield your eyes this fall – from the eclipse and from the Orange Power when it’s overwhelming. Work hard, study hard, play hard, and keep in mind each person on this campus belongs here. That bond of unity will stay with each of us for the rest of our lives.

Go Pokes!

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