We Are Oklahoma

As the spring semester ends, one of the important rituals at a university is completing final reports and presentations as well as taking final exams. Students must account for what they’ve learned and demonstrate their efforts have improved their knowledge and skills.

Oklahoma 4-H Day at the state capitol. April 06, 2016

Like students, our division has opportunities to demonstrate what we have achieved, and our “finals week” is at the state Capitol. We call it DASNR Day.

On Wednesday, May 4, we’ll be relying on the people we serve to tell legislators about the importance and impact of our research and Extension programs. It’s a bit like having one of our classmates give our final presentation for us. But having someone else give the presentation helps make the case that our land-grant programs really have achieved their objective of helping people to improve their lives.

DASNR Day at the Capitol is a chance for the people we serve to meet with elected officials in the legislature to share how our programs have impacted Oklahomans in deep and lasting ways.

We’ve also launched a campaign, We Are Oklahoma, which features a series of testimonial videos on social media highlighting people who have benefitted from Extension. You’re encouraged to follow DASNR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to view, share and retweet these videos on your personal and professional social media platforms.

This month, May 8, to be exact, Extension will celebrate its 102nd birthday. Last December, we celebrated the 125th birthday of Oklahoma State University. Think about that. For more than a century, OSU teaching, research and Extension programs have been working for the people of Oklahoma and the rest of the nation and we’re committed to continuing that tradition of service.