Changing contexts

Before I entered higher education administration, I was a professor. Plain and simple, I flat out loved it.

In fact, one of the things I most appreciated was building a relationship with my students. More to the point, I enjoyed it when we could shift the context in which they were learning. For instance, countless students would invariably come back from study abroad trips raving about how it was the best experience of their lives. Sure, students had to know their stuff, but that was just a starting point. When they applied classroom material in real time to real-life issues, challenges and dilemmas, it only enriched the content and stimulated learning.

Of course, students don’t necessarily have to travel across the globe (although that’s nice!) to take advantage of potentially life-and-career-changing opportunities that blend classroom learning and real-world experience.

Within the College of Natural Resources and Natural Resources (CASNR) and across the Division of Natural Resources and Natural Resources (DASNR), we’re fully engaged in cultivating resources that support and nurture student development in a broad variety of meaningful contexts that ultimately prepare them to be productive citizens of Oklahoma, the nation and the world.

CASNR Career Fair hosted over 90 different companies for the 2014 career fair

The annual Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Natural Sciences Career Fair hosted by the CASNR Career Services office is proof of that truth.

Held earlier this month in historic Gallagher-Iba Arena, this year’s fair drew more than 1,000 job-seeking students representing all majors and classifications and a record 91 employers looking to fill internships and full-time employment opportunities. Even more exciting, it’s part of a series of career fairs, sessions and workshops scheduled by OSU Career Services ( throughout the fall here on campus.

CASNR’s strong commitment to preparing productive individuals for rapidly evolving agricultural and natural resources industries is obvious and impressive. I’m proud of our reputation and you should be, too. But, I know there’s more to do and I’m excited about what we can and will accomplish as we continue to diligently seek ways to provide a world-class educational experience for our students here at OSU.